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B&D Woodworks

We specialize in building timber frame buildings and use traditional timber frame techniques with wooden pegs.  From barns to gazebos to houses.

Timber framing is a rewarding profession, and one that makes anyone involved appreciate the legacy of traditional craftsmanship.

Whether you want an addition to your house, barn, or a new entryway, we can help you with the design and build it the way you want it.  We are happy to work with your designer or architect to make your vision a reality.

Along the countryside, you can see them, strong barns and buildings that show the dedication and hard work of farmers and ranchers, past and present. To preserve a part of history and return dilapidated barns to their days of glory, owners can have B&D Woodworks restore it.

As well as all aspects of timber framing, we have experience with innovative ideas such as straw bale walls, usage of geo-thermal heating and cooling, steel metal buildings, etc.

It is always our goal to combine the best of timber framing with conventional construction methods with an eye toward respecting the environment and, of course, the client’s budget.

Many of our projects have included custom made cabinetry.  We even utilized old attic flooring in making a rustic/contemporary kitchen.

Bring your ideas, designs, magazine pictures, or sketches to us and have your dream come to life. We design using AutoCAD and 3D modeling.

Life is certainly interesting when you are juggling different jobs. We usually have multiple jobs in various stages and keep this gallery of our projects current.  At B&D Woodworks, we specialize in our attention to detail and helping you see your dreams come to life.