At B&D Woodworks, we realize that your dream isn’t to build a house, it is to build a home. That’s why we treat every home we build, as if it is our own. With more than 10 years of experience in the building industry, we are focused on not only building you a home that meets your unique needs, but to also provide a fun home building process. Our team provides home and lot design ideas, as well as, affordable options that are catered to families all around the Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

We are happy to visit your site to aid with design and work with either detailed plans, or conceptual ides. Some clients provide us with detailed drawings of the timber components, while others give us the “idea” of the look they want and have our designers handle the details.

Timber Frame Homes

To us, your home is more than a structure; it is a source of artistic pride. The timbers that create the frame of your home provide natural beauty and warmth. What attracts so many to the idea of owning a timber frame home is the feeling the wood evokes. As your home begins to take shape, our pride in creation becomes your pride in ownership.

Timber Frame Barns

We build timber frame barns for many different uses. Chickens love them! Horses love them! Sheep love them! Timber frame barns are a wonderful addition to any farm. At B&D Woodworks, we work with you in building your dream barn from the foundation to the cupola.

Custom Homes

Whether you want conventional, timber-frame, brick, or straw, let us design and build your home!

Commercial Buildings

Let us help you update your winery, party barn or build a brand new building.